Conference Topics

We invite abstracts in all areas related to Agronomy and Food Engineering, including, but not limited to:


Agricultural Science and Technology


Ø Agricultural Science and Technology

Ø Horticultural Science and Technology

Ø Plant Nutrients and Soil Fertility

Ø Animal Science and Technology

Ø Plant Breeding and Breeding

Ø Agricultural Machinery and Innovation

Ø Plant Ecology and Physiology

Ø Seafood

Ø Industrial Plants and Bio-Diesel Production

Ø Environmental Problems and Solutions in Agriculture

Ø Alternative Plant Production Systems

Ø Climate Change and Its Effects 

Ø Plant Protection

Ø Agricultural Biotechnology

Ø Field Crops

Ø Post-harvest Applications and Technologies 

Food Science and Technology


Ø Food Assurance and Safety

Ø Food Engineering Basic Operations

Ø Food Production Technologies

Ø Applications of Enzymes and Foods

Ø Food Microbiology

Ø Nanotechnology and Food Applications

Ø Food Chemistry

Ø Functional Foods

Ø Food Biotechnology

Ø Traditional Food

Ø Food Rheology, Texture and Shelf Life

Ø Process Simulation and Optimization

Ø Food Additives, Ingredients and Antioxidants

Ø Food Packaging